Quick Turn Prototypes

Timing is everything. Getting new products to market quickly keeps you ahead of your competition. To help our customers meet their objectives, EEC now offers quick-turn proof of concept prototypes. Our goal is to assist engineers and designers by shortening their horizon for feasibility studies and proof of concept activities. Our program is dedicated to providing our customers with finished prototype parts in as little as two weeks* to expedite proof of concept and new product evaluation. Contact EEC today to find out more. Deliveries of quick-turn proof of concept prototypes are dependent on the following:
  • Material and grade selection
  • Part size and geometry
  • Third party hardware requirements for assemblies
  • Deliveries only include a certificate of conformance (additional requirements may delay delivery)

Finite Element Analysis

At Electron Energy Corporation, our engineering team works closely with customers to provide a virtual in-house magnet technology resource when it comes to prototype design and fabrication. We use 2D and 3D Finite Element Analysis to solve the most demanding engineering challenges. Also, our in-depth knowledge of magnetic materials and decades of practical magnet and magnet assembly experience enable us to provide innovative solutions for our customers and ensure that their precise magnetic requirements are met. FEA offers many advantages over traditional trial-and-error prototyping, helping you bring your product to market faster:
  • FEA is more cost effective than making prototypes
  • FEA can provide faster solutions than prototyping
  • Using FEA, the design can be optimized
  • More  alternative designs can be examined to improve quality, increase product life and customer satisfaction
At Electron Energy, we have applied our design expertise to electric motors, generators, magnetic bearings, magnetic couplers, magnetic seals, guidance systems, mixers, traveling wave tubes, and medical devices for private sector customers and government agencies. We strive to be an effective extension of our customers’ engineering departments. Our strong engineering capabilities have made us the industry leader worldwide, and we are continually developing new products to meet changing customer needs.      
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