Engineering Services

Our talented team of engineers has extensive experience working with magnetic solution across a broad range of applications. For over 45 years the engineering team at EEC has been partnering with the world’s largest aerospace, medical, defense, and government laboratories to develop magnetic solutions. EEC has a world-class team in the areas of material science, electromagnet design, and mechanical design to support any customer requirement. Read More >
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The main objective of our production locations is to provide the timely delivery of our products while maintaining high quality, high flexibility and minimizing costs. Our production facilities utilize continuous improvement techniques such as Kaizen, In Process control and Overall Equipment Effectiveness to maximize the value delivered to customers. Read More >

Research and Development

EEC has a world-class team of scientists and engineers in the areas of materials science and electromagnetic circuit design, including over 20 engineers with BS or higher degrees and three PhDs. Our laboratory and testing equipment, as well as University and vendor partnering, have enabled successful research work and transitioning to production to serve the needs of the government and commercial markets. EEC has a strong tradition of innovation and commercialization dating back to the founding of the company in 1970 and its successful commercialization of Air Force technology. Read More >
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By leveraging EEC’s extensive portfolio of standard material grades and assembly design principles, customers can quickly attain custom prototypes specified to their requirements while simultaneously enjoying the benefits of a fully proven material grades and design principles. Prototypes are rapidly realized, which keeps time-to-market short and NRE cost to a minimum. Quick-turn prototyping is available for proof of concept projects! Read More >
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EEC offers product design support that reduces the risk of encountering problems, leveraging the extensive experience of our engineering organization. Our applications engineering team will work extensively with customer engineering teams to ensure a high performance design for your magnetic solutions. The application engineering design support is offered on-site, across the globe. Read More >