Magnet assemblies

EEC brings over 45 years of experience delivering superior magnet assemblies requiring tight tolerances and complex geometry. We produce our own materials and components and provide solutions to some of the world's leading companies and governments.

Material Selection

High-value magnet assemblies depend on selecting the right magnetic material, components and adhesives. EEC has one of the most extensive permanent magnet material product portfolios in the industry and can satisfy any custom magnet requirement with precision and speed. We work closely with our customers from design to finished product to maximize value and performance.

Design for Manufacture

The strong forces characteristic of permanent magnets make them difficult to handle. Every step is critical to maximizing the value of your assembly, and EEC provides the engineering and production expertise to excel at each point. Our engineering team conducts Finite Element Analysis modeling in-house to ensure designs are optimized.

Safety & Handling

EEC prioritizes the safety concerns inherent in assembling magnet components. We use cutting-edge manufacturing methods to manage high forces and prevent damage to people or magnets. Because EEC produces its own material, we have an intimate understanding of magnetics and magnetic circuit in complex assemblies.
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motors | generators
Electron Energy magnets and assemblies are used in sophisticated, performance-critical components of advanced technology systems such as motors, generators, and actuators. EEC conducts finite element analysis (FEA) for the design and performance prediction of various PM rotating machines, e.g. brushless DC/AC motors, brushed DC motors, interior PM motors, and synchronous motors. FEA enables us to evaluate new topologies to meet the desired power requirements, torque profile with low torque ripple, back EMF waveform, and other motor performance characteristics. EEC has designed a brushless interior PM motor with high saliency ratio for a NASA SBIR Phase II program. A variety of generator designs also have been analyzed at EEC, using 3D FEA, including axial and radial field generators.
  • Rotor Assemblies
  • Magnetic Lift Assemblies
  • Magnetic Bearings
  • Linear Motors
Medical Equipment
Electron Energy provides various solutions to medical device companies that satisfy the challenging requirements of this market. EEC advises medical device customers on the best magnet solutions based on their requirements. Our engineers have developed everything from rotor assemblies able to survive the extreme high temperature environment of the autoclaving process to complex halbach quadrupole assemblies for radiation therapy. EEC also has a class 10,000 clean room production area for applications if required.
  • Halbach Quadrupole Assemblies for radiation therapy
  • Magnetic Separation Assemblies (linear)
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology
  • High speed rotor assembly for centrifugal separation
  • Magnetic Couplers
  • High performance rotors/motors
Inertial Devices
Electron Energy magnets and assemblies are used in sophisticated, performance-critical components of advanced sensor technology systems such as accelerometers and gyroscopes. Accelerometers and Gyroscopes are inertial devices used primarily in aircraft, marine vessels and spacecraft navigation, control systems and down hole drilling. Samarium cobalt magnets are a critical part of the spinning flywheel in miniature two-axis dynamically tuned gyroscopes. The magnet ring creates a magnetic field interacting with torquing coils to allow control of the flywheel. The gyro measures the rotation of the earth accurate enough to find north for a wide variety of navigation tasks. Temperature compensated SmCo magnets provide precision control and stability for accelerometers and gyroscopes. Temperature coefficients of residual induction for magnets used in the applications can be controlled to better than 0.001% change in Br per degree C (10 parts per million).
  • Mass Spectrometers
  • Inertial Guidance Assemblies
  • NMR Down Hole Assemblies
  • Accelerometers
  • Flowmeters
magnetic field sources
Electron Energy has produced assemblies used for magnetic field sources since the 1970s. Our diversified customers have allowed us to gain experience building a variety of customized magnetic field source equipment. As a result, our engineering team has extensive experience developing unique and complex magnetic field solutions. EEC partnered with the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) to develop a customized magnetic field solution for their Watt Balance which is an electromechanical weight measuring instrument to define the mass of a kilogram by correlating electrical power to mechanical power.
  • Beam Focusing Assemblies
  • Magnetron (Sputtering)
microwave & RF amplification
Electron Energy magnets and assemblies are used in sophisticated, performance-critical components of advanced technology systems, such as traveling wave tubes (TWTs), klystrons, and magnetrons. These are all used to amplify signals at microwave frequencies for high-performing radar, communications and electronic countermeasure systems.
  • Traveling Wave Tubes (TWTs)
  • Circulators
  • Isolators
  • Klystron Assemblies