Custom Magnets

With over 45 years of experience EEC is the best-in-class provider of high performance custom magnet components. Our uniquely positioned manufacturing capability is vertically integrated so that we can provide customized permanent magnet components quickly and at competitive prices. EEC is able to develop highly customized permanent magnet components for any customer requirement that leverages our extensive experience and broad manufacturing base developed over 45 years. Our machining capabilities enable the production of custom magnet geometries such as arcs, discs, rectangles, rings, breadloaves, and unique component geometries.

Magnet Components


We design and supply highly customized arc magnet components for motor-related systems.


Our high-precision permanent magnet discs supply some of the most critical applications. Extremely small disc magnets can be produced along with the common subassemblies in which these products will typically be used.


We supply rectangle magnets that satisfy demanding customer requirements to support a broad range of applications. Our developed manufacturing processes in this area utilize pockets of automation in order to deliver more value.


Our team has been designing and producing rings magnets since 1970. This experience has allowed us to develop, over time, a highly scalable production process capable of producing customized ring magnets for a broad range of requirements.

Traveling Wave Tubes

Our team is the best-in-class solution for your Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) magnet needs. TWT’s are highly customized solutions requiring a broad range of material, machining, and engineering resources. EEC’s vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities position us to deliver the world’s #1 TWT products!

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