Electron Energy Corporation (EEC) is an expert developer and leading American producer of rare earth magnets with customers around the world.

Founded in 1970 by Marlin Walmer (pictured to the right), we are headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA with two facility locations. With combined space of 84,800 sq ft of manufacturing and office space, we have increased our efficiency and capacity for meeting the growing demand for EEC products and services, including larger and more complex magnet assemblies.

Our talented staff exceeds customer expectations from all markets, including military and aerospace prime contractors as well as medical and oil exploration companies. We provide magnets and magnet assemblies for demanding applications such as the JSF, F-18, Patriot, Predator and Navy nuclear programs. Our customization and ability to precisely control material compositions allow us to partner with our customers as a virtual “in-house” source of magnet technology.


At EEC, we are specialists in rare earth magnets and magnet systems, providing innovative solutions for precise technical challenges. We feature employees of integrity and imagination, and we foster lasting relationships with loyal customers.


We value our employees first and foremost, and we recognize people are at the core of everything we do. Our strategic edge is our well-educated, highly motivated, and creative employees who rank among the best in the magnet industry. We provide meaningful and stimulating work while fostering safety, fitness, health and development of personal capabilities. Our organization is based on trust, individual accountability, and good alignment of capabilities with the work to be done.

We believe growth is energizing, providing a variety of challenges and opportunities that are attractive to the talented people we seek to retain. Our overall growth is organic and based on carefully penetrating new markets and applications in high-performance magnet systems by introducing new products and services. We serve our customers better than anyone else in the industry, and continue to invest in our people, facilities and technology to provide satisfactory returns for all of our stakeholders.


Safety – We drive a culture of Safety 1st
Integrity – We keep steadfast adherence to our ethical code
Respect for others – We choose to respect our employees, customers, and competitors
Trust – We have trust in each other, our processes and our information systems
Creativity – We seek and apply creative thinking to our products, solutions, and to enhancing our workplace and culture


EEC was started in a milk house on a dairy farm in Central Pennsylvania, with two employees and a license to practice the magnet technology developed by the US Air Force via Dr. Strnat.

The founder, Marlin S. Walmer, was a pioneer in the rare earth magnet industry. In 1968 Walmer was struck by the potential of the new technology – rare earth cobalt magnets – and dedicated a thirty-plus year career to the development and commercialization of samarium cobalt-based rare earth magnets. He founded EEC in 1970. Steady growth in sales, employees and ground-breaking innovation prompted several moves from the original milk house to the first 40,000 sq ft facility. It was then that EEC emerged as an international leader in the production of rare earth magnets and magnet assemblies.

Under Walmer’s direction, magnets produced at EEC have enhanced many high tech devices used in aerospace, spacecraft, satellites, telecommunication, marine vessels, military systems, and medical science.